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At weekdays I walk our son to school. Unfortunately it’s only a 4 minutes walk that I always enjoy very much.

Yesterday he asked me ‘Mom, shall we run and race for the best?” I stopped. He fastened his zipper and I brought my right foot forward.  Meanwhile I was thinking that I was not wearing my ideal running shoes but choose a start position and heard him counting. On his Go! yell we both started running.  A 100 meters sprint at the most and we finished just off the pedestrian crossing, me gasping for breath. With a big smile he told me he won. With tons more energy he showed me for the next race how to put my feet so that I can speed up in the inner curve.

To compete, win, being the best. What does competition mean to you? I’m fanatic at work. Just because I’m not satisfied with the status quo. It <read: my work, the product, the team, objectives, me> .. we can always do better. I’m not a fan of contests and games because the winning itself is not of interest to me. It’s the drive to do things, projects together, to achieve and to experience. …………mmmmh, it won’t take long anymore that I put myself behind. Afterall, my son doesn’t want to race with me anymore when he feels that I’m not running for victory.

This all reminds me to a video about Zen and intuition development. It’s interesting because of the competition objective: to make as much as possible people happy. And just do it for you.

Have fun!


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