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The Shift and recruitment

Technology is rapidly changing the way we work and live. People are much faster in embracing new technologies and platforms than organisations can keep up to.  Today we can find the information we need faster,  learn online, connect and network easily. Thus we, consumers and employees, have different expectations from companies and managers in the way we buy and work. We demand a more dynamic, less formal and more transparant way of living and working together.

Regarding to recruitment Employer Branding in itself is secondary and with respect to the hiring process the leading criterion is the question if the resources are required to work on location or virtual.  The Shift <Lynda Gratton> and trending topics such as Globalisation, Technology, Demography, Society and Scarcity is dominating for the approach in recruiting “Future proof employees”.

The “Future proof Employee” is flexible and afflicted with Entrepreneural Skills. Have a look at Elance, Odesk and Fivrr. The next question is: will Recruiters still do the hiring? Or will the budget owner in projectteam act as contractor?



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