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Chicken Peas: low carb, tasty and easy to cook

Did you already discover this nugget of cold? Mindful living brings you to eating as well. For a number of reasons we started eating beans more often. So far, the chicken peas are our shared favourites. In the next week I’ll bring you more of my so called ‘Chicken Peas’ recipes. All low carb recipes including pizza and deep fried falafel.

Low carb: salad with Chicken Peas and mackerel


  • green salad: the one you like or is available, for instance mâche or rocket
  • smoked mackerel
  • apple
  • conserved chicken peas <tin or can> room temperatur or cold from the fridge
  • olive oil and vinegar <preferably the Italian Balsamico from Modena>


  • Rinse the chicken peas with running water
  • chop the apple and mackerel

Dishing up:

Put some green salad on a plate, add the cold chicken peas, fill up with the mackerel and apple pieces. Sprinkle with olive oil and balsamico.


chicken peas salad mackerel




Diet plan in action #sugarfree