Diet plan in action day 15 dessert

diet plan in action day 15 dessert

Isn’t it amazing that we can buy strawberries throughout the year?

This sun kissed good looking sweets are very tasty. Cooking time? ¬†ūüėČ ¬†I’m considering to write a post about ‘time savers’.



Diet plan in action day 11 wok at home

diet plan in action day 11 wok at home


Having good memories of the wok restaurant we visited a couple of days ago, I tried to wok vegetables at home.

Ingredients:  stir shallots and garlic to start with. Add mixed vegetables:  soy beans, yellow carrot, Chinese cabbage, cucumber and chichen peas.

diet plan in action day 11













Diet plan in action day 9: variety

diet plan in action day 9 variety

Living on a sugar free diet is not difficult anymore. Within 10 days I’m not longing for sweets, cookies or ice cream anymore.

The web is offering so many recipes that I’m not posting my lunch and dinner menu’s but if you’re interested, let me know. It is a small effort to post pictures on twitter, insta, etc.

Cherry tomatoes are still my favourite snack. Allthough a lunchbox containing a variety of vegetables, nuts and some fruits is taking second place.  Did you notice the thyme? Instant holiday memories.



Diet plan in action day 8: tableware


A couple of years ago I’ve learned Zen meditation and techniques. One insight was about using smaller plates and seemed very logical to me. For cutlery it’s the opposite. The advice is to use a bigger fork. This to prevent one start eating hasty.

Yesterday I noticed an article in a lifestyle magazine (FD persoonlijk) refering to research about using smaller plates and glasses. Koert van Ittersum (researcher Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) and Brian Wansink (professor, Cornel University, USA) studied the effects of food being presented.  The outcome?  The bigger the plate, the more people usually serve.

I’ll absolutely buy bigger water glasses.


Diet plan in action day 7: ally

diet plan in action day 7 ally


Today my son (age 10) turned out to be an ally. ¬†At a family day out in Amsterdam he told me not to eat sugar this weekend. ¬†He kept his promise whole day, didn’t even complain or doubt his choice. ¬†I’m feeling very proud although I do not want to encourage him.

Walking the streets and enjoying lunch, tea etc. it’s very clear that food & drinks are everywhere. To me it seems there are opportunities left for concepts like ‘healthy food en route’. Imagine that you’re suffering from food intolerance or celiac disease for instance, how do you handle days like this one? ¬†Do you have to bring your own food from home? Any app available to show you directions in the bigger cities? Feeling inexpert …



Diet plan in action day 6: restaurant dinner

diet plan in action day 6 restaurant dinner


Tonight was the first restaurant dinner this year.  Sugar free: no dessert, no alcohol.

The restaurant of our son’s choice was a buffet restaurant and offering the world kitchen. ¬†Actually it’s ideal for people restricted to a diet. Choice is overwhelming. A lot of vegetables, meat and fish can be stir fried, without sauce. Garlic taste. Lovely! ¬†Luckily it’s saturday tomorrow, no appointments.

Normally I would have ordered white wine but pleased with mint tea.



Diet plan in action #sugarfree