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Diet plan in action day 5: food discoveries

diet plan in action day 5 food discoveries


If someone told me about pasta from flour of lentils I probably wouldn’t have believed that it’s awesome.

It’s even better than pasta from wheat flour.  Next time I’ll post a picture of my new pasta dish!


For breakfast I tried oatmeal oldstyle. As a child I never ate oatmeal porridge. It was not too bad but without sugar it’s not very appetizing. Plain eggs will be tomorrows breakfast.





Diet plan in action day 4: Taste

diet plan in action day 4 Taste


Although I cleaned the kitchen, the leftovers from Christmas are still here. Or, brought into the house by visitors. No matter if I’m telling about my sugarfree diet. Anyway, still going strong and my choice is tomatoes!  It’s for a reason they are called ‘candy tomatoes’

If there’s one thing I learned from restaurant dinners: it’s all about the way you serve it.

Have you ever tried to taste a tomato? Really? You’ll agree then that it has a much better taste than chocolat!



Diet plan in action day 3: cookbook

diet plan in action day 3 if not this what else

Telling what you’re not supposed to eat when on a diet is close to sm. Your mind is busy with the wrong imprint. Imagine, if I would say “Do not think of chocolate”  Immediately your favourite chocolate bar is popping up somewhere between your eyes and all you can think of is chocolate.

Today I went to the bookstore and forced myself to buy a cookbook. Time to learn a new vocabulary. Ok, same effect probably when I google some foodblogs and read recipes or sign up diet plans or so.  Reason I bought a book is because an impressive book on the table increases the likelihood of support from my family.

Have a look at the picture below. My timing couldn’t have been better, not even a surprise ……. It could be possible that by the end of January alone over half of the yearly turnover will be earned.

My choice “Heston Blumenthal, at home”   Ideal for saturdays or sundays.  It helps me to get to work in the kitchen and stop slavering or doubting if my decision was thought-out.

diet plan in action day 3 cookbook




Diet plan in action day 2: water


My focus today was on drinking enough water. Separate from a diet, 2 liters of water every day is important.  A difficult task.

Lukily in the Netherlands drinking water is available everywhere. Besides tap water the choice of bottled mineral water is large. I’ll keep in mind to learn more about all these special waters.

Today was a family day (schools are closed, holiday season) and together with our cousins we went to the cinema (Rogue One). It’s very clear that temptations are everywhere. As I said before it’s my choice to live on a diet, to avoid sugar.

“I’m one with the force and the force is with me”   Sounds like a helpful mantra, just learned from the latest Star Wars movie.



Diet plan in action day 1


A new year comes with expectations, wishes, hope and for many it includes intentions. This year for the first time in my life I decided to live on a diet. To be more precise: to coop living without additional sugars, at least for this year. Restaurant dinners (occasionally) are excluded from my commitment. Why? To live a more energetic life, to loose weight and to practise mindfull living in an area I neglected before.  Simply because I felt it would be too difficult to stick to a diet like that.

To be honest. This is my learning journey for this year. It’s the idea and there’s no such thing as a plan, scheme, planning nor tools, coaches or what so ever.  A personal note on this blog (so far it’s my wordpress playground) every day will help me to continue this journey. It’s my personal commitment to my goal,  and see from experience how to live on a diet.

Today was easy. It’s day 1 and my mission very clear. Besides that it was only yesterday (new years eve) that I had maybe one ‘oliebol’ (Dutch delicacy) too much so I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. On the other hand, my sister visited us with her family bringing in chocolate cake. Temptations! This journey will be about Resisting. Not very original unless you have to do it yourself.

My dearest mother brought a healthy dinner: fresh tomato soup, stew, rice and grilled bell peppers.  Loved it! No suger added. I feel good about today.

Most important actions of today: cleaning the kitchen and puting the digital scale in front. Reminding my husband and son. It’s me on a diet only, not my family.

You wanna join? Cool! Let’s connect and leave a comment below.





Low carb recipes:

Chicken Peas: low carb, tasty and easy to cook

Did you already discover this nugget of cold? Mindful living brings you to eating as well. For a number of reasons we started eating beans more often. So far, the chicken peas are our shared favourites. In the next week I’ll bring you more of my so called ‘Chicken Peas’ recipes. All low carb recipes including pizza and deep fried falafel.

Low carb: salad with Chicken Peas and mackerel


  • green salad: the one you like or is available, for instance mâche or rocket
  • smoked mackerel
  • apple
  • conserved chicken peas <tin or can> room temperatur or cold from the fridge
  • olive oil and vinegar <preferably the Italian Balsamico from Modena>


  • Rinse the chicken peas with running water
  • chop the apple and mackerel

Dishing up:

Put some green salad on a plate, add the cold chicken peas, fill up with the mackerel and apple pieces. Sprinkle with olive oil and balsamico.


chicken peas salad mackerel





At weekdays I walk our son to school. Unfortunately it’s only a 4 minutes walk that I always enjoy very much.

Yesterday he asked me ‘Mom, shall we run and race for the best?” I stopped. He fastened his zipper and I brought my right foot forward.  Meanwhile I was thinking that I was not wearing my ideal running shoes but choose a start position and heard him counting. On his Go! yell we both started running.  A 100 meters sprint at the most and we finished just off the pedestrian crossing, me gasping for breath. With a big smile he told me he won. With tons more energy he showed me for the next race how to put my feet so that I can speed up in the inner curve.

To compete, win, being the best. What does competition mean to you? I’m fanatic at work. Just because I’m not satisfied with the status quo. It <read: my work, the product, the team, objectives, me> .. we can always do better. I’m not a fan of contests and games because the winning itself is not of interest to me. It’s the drive to do things, projects together, to achieve and to experience. …………mmmmh, it won’t take long anymore that I put myself behind. Afterall, my son doesn’t want to race with me anymore when he feels that I’m not running for victory.

This all reminds me to a video about Zen and intuition development. It’s interesting because of the competition objective: to make as much as possible people happy. And just do it for you.

Have fun!


How to express your love?

By looking at the title: How to express your love? What is your first answer? Can you relate it to your daily routines or did it pop up in your creative mind?

It’s tempting to bring up a list showing you my top  10 most used expressions. Instead I share my #1 for years ago and  hope you’re willing to share your favourites.


One of our motto’s at homes: Every day is a new day. Living this motto comes down to the daily question ‘Do you want sugar, milk in your coffee?’  Coffee became kind of a symbol for “Love”. We don’t take each other for granted.

How about symbols for Love, do you have one?







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