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Do you know the power of asking questions?

I experienced a mindshift after my teacher <I have been taking courses for improving my coaching skills> asked me: “Are you in a relationship?” I nodded positively after which he continued:  How well are you doing altogether? My answer was more or like  ‘very good, thank you’  while I was thinking ‘what’s he up to?’  Followed by his: “How did you do it?” question.


It’s not the answer that matters, it’s the journey

An instant answer was and is still not at hand. On the contrary …. it brought only more questions and also a lot of humor at home: according to my husband it wasn’t me who did the job 😉

It requires Mindfulness and I noticed the question was taking me from experiences, behavioural and skills levels up to identity and the meaning of life. There were reflections and still work to do on expectations and desire, pain, shortcomings or deficiency, my personal history and background and in what way the earlier choices I made were about to relate to my family backgrounds. What are the morals me and my husband are having in common? What games do we play what type of recurring conflicts we have?  But above all: what’s THE element of what we call LOVE or in another way: what’s love all about?

Do you recognize this curiousity? I’m looking forward to your postings here or on your blog?  Your responses  to  my posts in Diary of loving kindness are very welcome.

Happy Mindful Living!


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